By photographer Erika Klein Kranenbarg

1. Who are you and what is your relationship with Diversity Paris?

My name is Erika Klein Kranenbarg. I go by the artist name ”people person”. In photography i can express my feelings, creativity and energy.
I found Diversity’s first pair  in 2016 when he just started and I gave him a canvas of my work. We started working together for the Autumn Winter 2016 photography.

I am conscious of the emotions and feelings i want to capture.

2. Can you tell us something about your input on the photography? 

It was  really a tough challenge. I went from only photographing portraits to photograph luxury sneakers with a strong feeling and pureness which I never did before. It seemed like a new opportunity to work with young and talented people, they showed me a different perspectives at sneakers and so we have reached a great result.
It made me even more confident. It taught me how to handle all sorts of situations.